Jining Greenland International Trading Co. Ltd is a well known supplier of quality beans and kidney beans of various species. We have been recognized as the quality exporter of fresh beans from China. You can find variety of common beans and kidney beans. These beans are normally has just the resemblance of human kidneys and has the same brownish maroon color as the kidneys do thatâs why it is being given this name. Even, the species of these kidney beans are also found in white color and has the same shape and formation.

Even, you may have seen different classifications of kidney beans which we export to our customers all over world continents where our clients exist. Our exporting bean products are such as Red kidney beans. Some of our highly exported types of beans include light speckled kidney beans (America Round), red speckled kidney beans, large white kidney beans, and medium white kidney beans etc.

Jining Greenland has Red speckled kidney bean in medium and long shaped light speckled beans which are being supplied as per demands from our customers. White kidney bean which is also well known as cannellini is available for our customers according to their required sizes. We are enthusiastic in providing the quality and good taste beans to our customers who demand wide variety of beans from us from different world regions. Our clients are quite satisfied with our export quality beans in different specifications that we supply to our valued customers.

Our company is focused to provide export quality beans to our domestic clients and as well as to the worldwide customers. We are loyal to supplying them fresh and high quality bean products that are being available in our great stock. Our customers demand all types of beans which are kidney-shaped beans which available in different sizes in white and kidney colors. We have a great stock of white and brown beans with all the sizes to fulfill our customersâ requirements as per their business needs.